The Great Circus

2020|100 Minutes

One of the world’s biggest circus arenas, the Chimelong Theatre, located in Zhuhai, China, is currently under construction. “The Dragon Show”, a full-blown circus show, is now in intense rehearsals for the theatre’s opening. As the largest circus troupe in China, Chimelong International Circus has over 300 top circus artists from more than 20 countries. A 3-month deadline makes it seem impossible to finish tasks like selecting the performers, carrying out rehearsals, and designing the stage. Li Xining, the director, has been put in charge of this mission impossible. Here, conflict and compromise often intermingle, and so do hope and despair. Behind a spectacular show lies a dose of cold, cruel reality. Director’s note:The shooting process of this film is difficult with numerous twists and turns. One key element shown in it is the culture difference between the east and west, and that we should accommodate each other more instead of just trying to understand

  • Liu Yi

    Zhuang Qiushui

  • Hellen Lin

    Katarzyna Machalek

    Vicky Wu

    Pan Jing

  • Xie Zhuoliang

  • Runxin Jiang

    Lukasz Machowski

  • Huang Pengyu

  • Undine Siepker

  • Undine Siepker

  • Natascha Cartolaro

    Joaquim Casalprim Suarez

  • Laren Polic Zdravic