Little Wonderers

2023|5 Episodes

This is an animated series of 5 short films, each produced by an independent animation team. The first season comprises 5 themes: Since death is unavoidable, what is the meaning of life?


Is loneliness painful? What is the use of languages? Is it good to grow up? Why is there war? These short films are not answers but the detailed experience of individuals, which we hope will echo on. Life is so wondrous, complicated, and diverse that is worth questioning closely


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Globby The Dragon

2023|11 Mins

This is a story about language but there is no dialogue.
Two beings arrive at the vet, a sick dragon and a hearing impaired and mute elderly man. The former is tattooed with a world map and the latter is unable to communicate with anyone.

During the diagnosis process, the veterinarian realizes the dragon and the


2023|10 Mins

This is an allegorical adventure tale of a boy from the Himalayas. He comes from the village that is farthest from the sea. He wants to bring his village the experience of the sea. When everyone believes that he has disappeared during his adventures in the outside world, the boy comes back and time has not left any mark on his body. Is he still the boy they knew? Why does time always reward someone who realizes that loneliness is a constant?

Inventing Father

2023|12 Mins

Living by the sea, a little girl called Beibei went to the seaside every day and gazed into the boundless sea, in hope of one day seeing the return her dad, who was working on the sea. One day on the beach, she found a shell where a letter from her dad was written. From then on, she started with her dad a journey to the sea of the universe, where she discovered some secrets.


2023|18 Mins

My quiet life was interrupted when one day a taotie roamed in front of my home. Unexpected things kept happening: fireworks in a holographic ball, taoties gathering in the wild, and a grandpa who was often away from home. I tracked down my grandpa and found a secret about life and death