Inventing Father

2023|12 Mins

Living by the sea, a little girl called Beibei went to the seaside every day and gazed into the boundless sea, in hope of one day seeing the return her dad, who was working on the sea. One day on the beach, she found a shell where a letter from her dad was written. From then on, she started with her dad a journey to the sea of the universe, where she discovered some secrets.


Beibei lived all the time under the protection of her family and friends. From their care and love, this little girl found power to confront loss. Life carved by time is fleeting like the ebb and the flow of the tides. However, our love can call up from deep inside the sea a gust of wind that gently pushes up the tides.

Character Design

  • Shuhong Ye

    Yi Liu

  • Jing Pan

  • Xiang Yata

  • Xinda Chen

  • Laren Polič Zdravič