2023|18 Mins

My quiet life was interrupted when one day a taotie roamed in front of my home. Unexpected things kept happening: fireworks in a holographic ball, taoties gathering in the wild, and a grandpa who was often away from home. I tracked down my grandpa and found a secret about life and death.


The transformation day of my grandpa was approaching, but he left with a taotie. This time, he chose not to come back, because he was going to combine with those taoties and be transformed into a flight vehicle. The night when the super moon appeared, I saw off many taoties flying to their new habitat, the moon. In the sky full of fireworks because of the explosion of those taoties, was it possible for me to find my grandpa ?

Character Design

  • Shuhong Ye

    Yi Liu

  • Jing Pan

  • Sijun Li

  • Chuansi Ma

  • Laren Polič Zdravič