Globby The Dragon

2023|11 Mins

This is a story about language but there is no dialogue


Two beings arrive at the vet, a sick dragon and a hearing impaired and mute elderly man. The former is tattooed with a world map and the latter is unable to communicate with anyone.


During the diagnosis process, the veterinarian realizes the dragon and the elderly have known each other for almost 70 years. Nearing the end of their life, they have somehow developed a profound understanding of each other, which seems impossible for two different species not speaking the same language.


Following the death of the elderly, the dragon disappears. The veterinarian has an epiphany that we rely on something bigger, something beyond language itself, like sympathy and love.

Character Design

  • Shuhong Ye

    Yi Liu

  • Jing Pan

  • Sun&Egg

  • Yimu Ma

    Hedwig Ma

  • Laren Polič Zdravič